hi, i'm kayla


I’m a nature loving, houseplant hoarding, caffeine-fueled sunset enthusiast who is always down for an adventure. I’m that girl who can’t kill a bug, and tears up when I see roadkill. I prefer tea to coffee (although I drink both regularly), and if you see me out in public alone, there’s a 90% chance I have my headphones in, jamming to music and getting lost in my own little world.

I grew up all around the world, moving from place to place, all over the world. Traveling and experiencing different lifestyles, food, and culture fostered a love of adventure in my soul. It also sometimes left me feeling rootless. It wasn’t until I met my high school sweetheart (who is now my husband) that I finally felt like I had found a “home”. From the first moment I saw him, I felt like my soul just recognized him. That summer, our sisters become best friends and we officially met, and soon after, fell deep in love. We have been attached at the hip ever since and 10 years later, I’m happy to say I’m still so in love with my best friend. Together we have a two kids, a corgi, and I love the life we’ve built together.