10 positive affirmations for entrepreneurs

If affirmations are your kinda thing, and you want to (or already have!) started a business, this post is for you.

I am a firm believer in the power of our words and thoughts. Starting a business can be scary and unnerving, so throughout this process, affirmations and visualizations are two aids that have helped my mindset tremendously! Staying in the right mindset is everything.

Even if you don’t believe in the power of affirmations, staying in a positive mindset is so important. It helps you stay in a positive, happy mindset, which helps you stay optimistic and productive.

Use these 10 affirmations below to manifest success and abundance in your business!

Also, feel free to share these on social media, save them and use them as wallpapers, or save them on your phone to read out loud to yourself later! (If you post them on socials, I’d love a tag- my @ on everything is unrootedmama )

1. I am grateful for all that I have.

2. I am right where I need to be. Everything in my life is about to shift into place, and abundance is coming.

3. I am radiating with positve, abundant light. Everyday I am making the world better.

4. Happiness is a mindset. I CHOOSE happiness, joy, and ease. I will not let everyday distractions steal my peace and joy.

5. I am growing, changing, and up-leveling into the highest version of myself with every passing day.

6. My audience grows exponentially every day. I am changing the world and improving lives with my message.

7. I am a magnet for success. Money, dream clients, and opportunities come to me effortlessly.

8. I am NOW a successful business owner. When I invest in my business, growth and success is inevitable.

9. I am a badass entrepeneur, and I have my dream life and career. It is safe for me to be insanely wealthy.

10. I show up for my audience and help change lives. I am creating a movement, and the world needs my message. I will be compensated greatly for the positive impact I create.

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