Are you ready to shift your mindset, habits, and home in order to create an eco-friendly life for you and your family?

Are you ready to...

  •   Shift your mindset to uncover what’s been holding you back

  •   Create new habits for yourself that will align with a sustainable life

  •   Lower your household waste and environmental impact

  •   Ditch the eco-anxiety and start taking action.                  

  •   Make sustainable swaps that will help your family AND save you money? $$$

  • Create sustainable systems for your home that actually work


If you answered yes to any of the above, my course was MADE for you, girl!

I created The Empowered + Eco-Friendly Academy in order to help you create an eco-friendly life with ease. Ditch the overwhelm, eco-anxiety, and confusion and learn how to lower your household waste and impact in a way that’s both simple and effective! 

In 30 days, I’ll walk you through all of these changes. For a limited time, this program will be done in 1:1 training sessions with me. We will have weekly meetings to work you through your journey to eco-friendly living- but they’ll be intense, deep, and action-packed so hold on tight spider monkey!

Submit the form below and I’ll shoot you an email if I think my program would be a good fit for you. I look forward to hearing from you!