Episode 88: Self Care for Moms that Goes Beyond Showering + Shopping

Ever buy into that notion that a twice per week shower or trip to the grocery store is all the “self care” you deserve as a busy mom? Because I know for me, especially during survival mode with tiny kiddos, this is about how much I thought I deserved and what my idea of self care was. And don’t get me wrong- showering after having tiny humans crawl all over you daily is heavenly, and a solo trip to the grocery store can really be rejuvenating… but there’s a difference between finding joy in the mundane, and realizing that you need to start taking care of yourself on a deeper level.

In this episode, I talk all about reframing our thinking around self-care during motherhood. (or even just adulthood in general- things can get very busy and hectic regardless if you have kids!)

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