How to start shopping more mindfully

Close your eyes and picture this: you walk into target. Reciting your mental list “trash bags, granola bars, diapers”. You know you’ll stick to it this time, you were just here like two days ago and you know you don’t need anything else.

Flash forward to an hour and a half later, you’re opening the trunk of your vehicle and unloading all 8 bags of stuff into your car thinking… “oh crap, I did it again”. Another mindless shopping trip where you spent money you didn’t plan to, on stuff you didn’t realize you *needed* until you saw it staring back at you from the shelf.

I think we’ve all been there. Shopping is so many people’s escape from reality- that little hit of happiness you get when you throw another cute graphic tee into your cart, or a cute outfit for your kiddo (even though you know their closet back home is overflowing), makes it addicting.

But here’s the problem with that: one day you realize you’re surrounded by all this stuff and that’s overwhelming. All this stuff that you didn’t really love, and now you don’t really use, and it’s just sitting there taking up your space and time. Stealing your joy and stealing your peace, your piles of stuff side-eye you with that “there’s not room in here for the both of of us” look and you feel crowded and stressed in your own home. Another note to add here, is that if you’re trying to live more sustainably and eco-friendly, intensive shopping habits are just not aligned with that.

Sound at all familiar? Girl, same. I’ve been there- so many of us have. But it is time we look that shopping habit straight in the eye and say: I’M THE BOSS. This is the moment you take back your time and space and energy: where you finally get mindful about your shopping habits. You got this!!

First things first, if you do feel overwhelmed with your stuff at home, I think it’s super important for you to look into minimalism. Not the kind with strict rules and numbers, but the kind that gives you your life back. The kind that allows you to let go of what’s no longer serving you and declutter all that noise. All the stuff that you don’t use or need, let go of and see how free you feel.

Besides just decluttering though, you need to find a way to really nix those impulse purchases, and buy ONLY things that you absolutely love and will use- things that deserve to take up your space and energy. First, click the button below to DOWNLOAD this free mindful shopping guide. This is so important because you will have it right on your phone, and next time you go shopping you can pull it out to ask yourself the questions! It’s totally free, all you need to do is click a button and you’ll get it delivered straight to your inbox.

6 questions you can ask yourself to really stay intentional while you shop

  1. Do I really NEED this?
  2. Do I really LOVE this?
  3. Will I love it and use it two weeks from now? What about two months from now?
  4. Is it worth the money?
  5. Is it within my budget?
  6. Will it be my next favorite?

Listen to my podcast episode about this embedded in the beginning of this post to hear more and really learn how to dive deep with these questions! And don’t forget to snag your FREE mindful shopping guide by clicking the button above!

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