How to make your home your sanctuary


How does your house make you feel? Does it make you feel happy and peaceful, or does it stress you out and add to your overwhelm? 

ready to transform your home?

Right now more than ever, all around the world, people are spending more time at home. Virtual learning, working from home, social distancing… And a common theme I keep seeing pop up? People feeling trapped in their homes. Women feeling overwhelmed by their houses. Mom’s feeling stressed and overburdened and tired from nonstop cleaning and work. Kids getting burnt out and bored.

When you think about your house, what is the first feeling that comes up? Is it positive? Is it warm and fuzzy? Is it burdened or maybe just unhappy? If walking into your home doesn’t bring you a sigh of relief and a smile, imagine how good it would feel if you could change that. 

Well friend, I’m here to bring some good news. YOU CAN CHANGE THAT! In my 9th podcast episode, I talk all about how I got myself out of that rut of just not really caring or enjoying my house, to absolutely LOVING  my home and transforming it into a space that really, truly, feels like home

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In case you can’t listen to the episode right now, I’ll lay out the deets here in this post for you. Keep on reading to hear about exactly HOW I transformed my home to just the place I was living, to a place that I am absolutely obsessed with- a place that makes me happy, serves my family, and reflects my personality. 

  1. Step one is something you will hear me talk about so much on here if you haven’t already- and that is, I decluttered my house. Clearing the excess crap that’s no longer serving you is so beneficial for your whole family. How often do you have to do the dishes or laundry? Now consider… What if you cut that work in half? When you declutter, not only are you making more room for the things that you absolutely love and actually use, you’re also cutting down the amount of stuff you have to clean! If you don’t like current decorations, furniture pieces, articles of clothing…. GET RID OF IT! Donate, declutter, purge, purge, purge. It will make you feel soooooo much better and lighter. If you’re trying to redecorate, getting rid of you don’t like and what doesn’t fit your new or favorite style will help your space really come together. As you purge your stuff, you can sell what you decide to part ways with- would you rather have 4 decor signs that fit your style 5 years ago that you really don’t like anymore? Or would you rather sell those 4 signs, and use the money to go buy one that you absolutely love?
  2. Next, figure out what style you like. What’s your ideal style? When you’re daydreaming about your dream house on pinterest, what kind of decor lights you up and inspires or intrigues you?
  3. Donate or sell what you don’t love. Donate your unwanted stuff! Or, if you’re on a tight budget, take those things you don’t love and sell them! You can post them on facebook marketplace, sell them on selling apps or websites, or sell locally. This way, you can take the money from your old stuff and use it to get items that fit your style and that you love! If you don’t love your current furniture, this is a great way to slowly transform your furniture pieces. I made a list of what I wanted to sell and change in my house, and piece by piece, I would sell and replace. For example, I wasn’t a fan of my couch set, so I kept an eye out on Facebook Marketplace- when a couch popped up that I absolutely loved, I posted our old ones for sale and took the money from selling those, to buy the secondhand one that I loved and that fit my style. I’ve done this with so many pieces in my house, and although it takes a few months to slowly sell and replace everything, the end result is so worth it!!
  4.  Don’t forget to practice gratitude. I am a firm believer in what you say/think, you attract. If you are grateful for you home, the pieces you have, and you keep staying positive and grateful, while thinking abundant thoughts, you will attract more things that you love. Even if you think that’s “woo woo” and you’re not about that life, being positive and grateful is always better than getting stuck in a negative mindset!
If this has you intruiged about decluttering, you can also check out episode 5 of the podcast below, where I talk all about the version of minimalism and decluttering that has helped and worked out for my family. 

Now get out there and transform your home! Listen to the podcast episodes, pull on your bootstraps, and decide that YOU DESERVE TO LOVE YOUR HOME. You deserve to have a space that makes you happy abd brings you joy. A space that truly serves and is perfect for, your family. You got this!


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